Our Mission: To provide a simple and easy to use sales quotation process that can be used by all tradesmen.

Whether you are a Builder, Plumber, Electrician or any trade, Reelquotes is a dedicated quotation application that has been designed with the user in mind. We think Reelquotes is quite simply the world’s easiest to use quotation application.

Humble Beginnings

Reelquotes was founded in 2015 when our founder Cameron was waiting for a quotation for decking and other garden work from a local joinery company. He grew weary with how long he had to wait for a quotation and found that the Joiner was simply too busy to create a quotation for the work. This made Cameron think that surely there must be a product on the market that could make this process quicker and easier. After many hours of searching for a quotation application for tradesmen, it became apparent most solutions were over-inflated and came with unwanted bolt-ons such as task management functions or were quite cumbersome to use which just created headache. There were very little products on the market that were specifically targeted at the Trade industry. It was at this moment when Cameron realised that there was a gap in the market and thus Reelquotes was born.

A Small Fish in a Big Pond

There are various solutions that are available to people out there but very little were targeted at Tradesmen and Reelquotes had created a challenge of competing in this market against some other well-known solutions. But by remembering the real purpose behind Reelquotes, this competition was to be a gain to Reelquotes. Other quotation applications were big, over-inflated monoliths that were far too complex, especially for the users who just want to send quotations as easily and as fast as possible.

From Mino to Mighty

After a year of development and testing, Reelquotes was finally launched in the summer of 2016. The team had spread the word prior to launch to local tradesmen who were interested in using our application and so far the response has been very positive. Reelquotes have received some very useful feedback on how to improve the system (without forgetting our main purpose) and have gained some great users along the way.

Reelquotes will continue to improve and adapt to accommodate our users’ desired changes and new technologies but our customer will always remain the focus of our business model. We will stay true to our mission and do our best to make Reelquotes the key quotation application for all tradesmen.