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The Easiest Pricing Quote Template

Creating and pricing quotations with Reelquotes is super fast and efficient. Simply select your customer, add your sales line items and send.

Your quotation will be delivered straight to your customer's email where they can view their quotation securely online.

Sales Quotes for all Devices

The Reelquotes quotation template is mobile ready and can be viewed proportionately on all mobile devices.

No need for your customers to annoyingly zoom in to read their quotations. Our pricing quote template is clear and easy to read.

e-Signature Support

Reelquotes quotations come with e-signature support straight out of the box.

Customers can sign their quotations digitally on any device.

Dashboard Data

View data on the status of your quotations.

Users can track and view exactly where their quotations are, when they have been opened and how they are performing.

Dynamic Pricing

Users have complete control over pricing.

Social Integration

Sign up and login using Facebook.

Export and Print

Export as a PDF and print.

Complete Quotation History

Archive your sales quotes.

Once your customers respond to your sales quotation, store it away in your archive that can be accessed whenever you wish.

Safe and Secure

All quotations are delivered safely and securely.

Reelquotes sales quotations are password protected and only accessed via an encrypted connection

Fast Sales Quotations, Simple to Use, No Headaches.

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How Reelquotes Works

Reelquotes is designed to be simple but effective. Reelquotes allows you to create professional looking sales quotations but in a fraction of the time it would take to create by hand.

1. Create your sales quotation

Simply create a customer or select an existing customer, enter your line items and prices and then protect your quotation with a secure password.

2. Send your sales quotation

Your recipients sales quotation will arrive in their mailbox where they will open their quotation securely in their browser.

3. See the results

Get notified instantly when a quotation has been accepted and track all of your sales quotations in one place.

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