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An Online Price Quote Template for All Small Businesses

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Reelquotes is a Simple and Reusable Online Price Quote Template

Reelquotes price quote template allows users to create and send professional sales quotations to customers online ready for any device. Reelquotes is designed to be fast and simple with the user in mind so price quotations can be sent in just a few clicks. This helps increase your productivity and increase your win rate so you can get on with the important tasks.

Reelquotes can be used by any small to medium sized business in all different types of industry sectors.

Mobile Ready Price Quote Template

Our price quote template allows users to create and send sales quotations directly from your mobile. Your customers can view and interact with your sales quotations on any mobile device.

Professional Quotations Simplified

Reelquotes prides itself for being simple. There are no is no complicated project management add-ons, steep learning curves or anything to confuse our users. Just login, create a quotation and send.

Increase Your Win Rate

Streamline the quotation process by creating sales quotes in just a few clicks allowing you to quote more, increase your productivity and focus on the more important tasks.

reelquotes - quoting software

E-Sign quotes and export them to PDF.

reelquotes - quoting software

What Our Customers Say

"Reelquotes allowed us to leave the spreadsheets at home and quote on the go. This has helped us send out more quotes faster and increased our win rate." David Mitchell,
Mitchell & Co.
"Having the ability to create quotes on a mobile has been a huge benefit. Our engineers are confident to create and send quotations on the go themselves which has increased our productivity." Stephen Bryson,
Bryson Heating and Plumbing.
"Reelquotes says it is simple and that is exactly what it is. I can create a quote in just a few steps and track them easily and get on with the more important tasks." Jane Weiss,
Self-employed Wedding Photographer.

Safe and Secure

All Reelquotes sales quotations are password protected and only accessed through our secure encrypted connection so your customer, and only your customer, can view your sales quotation.

Analyse and Track

View when a sales quotation was opened and view quotation data through handy charts.

Fast Quotations, Simple to Use, No Headaches.

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Step 1:
Enter Customer Details

Quote #38


Step 2:
Enter Your Company Details

Quote #39
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Step 3: Enter Line Items

Quote #40
Please enter your quotation line items

Give your line item a name and a price and the total will automatically be calculated. Add as many line items as you want. These will appear in the quotation.

Name Price

Total: £

Grand Total (inc Tax) £

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Step 4:
Secure Your Quotation

Quote #41

Create a Password for your quotation that will be sent to your recipient so they can view your quotation securely.

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Step 5: A Quick Check

Quote #42

Have you checked:

Customers name has been entered?

Customers details have been entered?

Your company details have been entered?

All line items have been entered correctly?

Please check all details are correct before continuing.

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Step 6: Register

Reelquotes just needs some basic details and your quotation will be sent and access will be granted.


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How Reelquotes Works

Reelquotes is designed to be simple but effective. Reelquotes allows you to create professional looking sales quotations but in a fraction of the time it would take to create by hand.

1. Create your sales quotation

Simply create a customer or select an existing customer, enter your line items and prices and then protect your quotation with a secure password.

2. Send your sales quotation

Your recipients sales quotation will arrive in their mailbox where they will open their quotation securely in their browser.

3. See the results

Get notified instantly when a quotation has been accepted and track all of your sales quotations in one place.

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